Each week, we harvest a balanced mix of greens, roots, herbs, alliums, and other vegetables, occasionally fruit, and sometimes flowers. A share should provide the foundation for a couple of good meals for a small household. In addition to weekly vegetables and herbs, we are usually able to offer a few gallons of pear/apple cider, a good variety of cut dahlia flowers, and sometimes granola, sprouts, or sauerkraut. 

Our gardens and trees are never sprayed and are maintained with manure from our animals, rotational planting, cover crops, and rest when appropriate. It is food we feel good about, food we are proud to offer. 


Megan also offers an optional bread share to our CSA customers. In addition to their vegetables, members can choose to purchase a weekly fresh loaf of bread. Varieties include rustic, sourdough, rye, and others; all would complement any simple meal made from our produce. Every year Megan's bread is a favorite product for many of our member families and our limited bread shares sell out fast!