What is a CSA ?

As Wendell Berry wrote, "eating is an agricultural act." Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an economic model for connecting a community of people to each other and to the food they eat. Farmers and Members share the risk and reward of a growing season, celebrating the cycle from seed to table---we focus on growing the food, and you can focus on enjoying it! We offer weekly shares of our harvest from mid-June through October to members who pay a set amount at the beginning of the season. 

With this annual fee, CSA members not only buy delicious, healthy food, but also assert their power as consumers to maintain a local economy, support ecologically-responsible agricultural practices, foster rich community connections, and strengthen the viability of small scale farming as a vocation. With the CSA model your farmers can avoid much of the waste and vulnerability that comes from over producing for markets---we know how many customers we'll need to feed with every harvest and we know who those customers are and what they want to eat. 

Each week we offer you a diverse and seasonally changing selection of our produce. Eating locally and in season brings us in touch with the abundance and adventure of possible boom and bust years for different crops, the specialness of peak season flavors, and the unique challenges and charms of cooking appropriately for our region. 

Members are welcomed to deepen their community experience of CSA by visiting us at our weekly potluck dinners, pitching a tent for the night in one of the hay fields, or joining us for a work project.