We strive to maintain a fair price that accurately reflects the real cost of the food that we grow--and at the prices we've set , we feel good about the value we will deliver to our members. We offer the option of paying the full price now or reserving your share with a $150 deposit and paying the remainder at or before the first pickup in June. 

Local Shares $500

Local Shares can be picked up at our barn in Rindge, NH on Wednesday afternoons. Shares are usually ready by 3 pm and are available until 7pm. 

City Shares $625

City shares can be picked up at either Cornerstone Village Cohousing in Cambridge, MA ( or the Agassiz Preschool  on Summer Street in Somerville ( Both are very friendly locations that we are happy to be welcomed to use. City shares are delivered on Tuesday afternoons. Craig aims to arrive at Agassiz just before school lets out and usually stays with the shares at Cornerstone until about 7pm. 

Bread Shares $95

Megan wakes very early to bake fresh bread on both pickup days. Local and City customers can purchase a bread share for $95.